Things that J says – almost 4 years old edition

Poor J, he has a slight speech delay and more times than not it’s funny. We make him say a word over and over and over to try and get it right but here are some that we just can’t quite get the hang of yet.

taputa (computer)

spetti (spaghetti)

tacca bearlla (cracker barrel)

boqaman (aquaman)

chocate chip tookies (this ones getting better he doesn’t say the L in the first word and use a T instead of a C but it’s so stinkin cute)

Why does my almost four year old son have to add the word pee or poop to the end of everything he says? Just wondering. My daughter never did that at 4 years of age. I’m sure there’s more but I can’t remember them. For now these are the most common ones.


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