Just thinking

I was sitting her reading other blogs on my blogroll and was reading Nicole’s post about school lunches at Here’s the Diehl and I got a knot in my stomach. This is new territory for me (no not the lunches although that could get tricky), sending my daughter to kindergarten. It’s great that she is attending the same school and is familiar with the building. She’ll be gone most of the day but only 3 times a week. It’s just a change, adjustment to our schedules really. I’m nervous for her, I always remember how I felt on my first day of school. All knotted up and butterflies. She could be nothing more UN-like me. She is ready to go, she has started the countdown. She’ll be making new friends this year because most of hers are in the 5 day program, but I know she’ll be fine.

Then I was thinking about our upcoming week. The last week of summer break. Woah!! I have to say that again… the last week of summer break. We have so much going on. L has a pediatrician appointment, we have parent orientation for kindergarten, we’re taking the kids to Six Flags, JT is working from home and I have a senior session with Holly. That’s a lot going on.

Well I feel better yet still apprehensive. Like I said L is beside herself excited and I am sure after two weeks we will all be acclimated, that is until J starts school on September 9th.


One thought on “Just thinking

  1. Uncle TBone says:

    If and when you go to 6 Flags. Look up your nephew. He is working Thurs, Sat and Sun. He is off Wed and Fri. Look for him by the arcades at the Old Chicago section.

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