Uncles and Aunts are F.U.N

Thursday night we came home and Uncle Na and Aunt C were outside, so we stopped to say hello. That hello turned into a wrestling match which then turned into a water fight with the hoses. Instead of explaining… I can just show you.


We tried to play with one of those balls that you place a water balloon in and set the timer (a pin then comes out and pops the balloon). The only problem… the kids were having trouble catching the plastic ball, it would drop to the ground and then pop the balloon. Stupid toy, good thing I only got it for $1.98 at Target.


So that wasn’t working, everyone went right for the big “guns”


C ran to L’s defense and I’m sure regretted her decision.


J had his own strategy… hide behind the wall.


Hiding behind a child, really?!


JT’s turn.


The Soggy Quintuplets


There are benefits to holding the camera.


One thought on “Uncles and Aunts are F.U.N

  1. Irishmama says:

    What a fun evening! Looks like a good time had by all!

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