Just not much I want to say lately

Been very busy, so you would think I would have a lot to talk about and I do, just not in the mood yet. I am sure once things calm down next week my bloggy mood will improve. I have been working with Holly some and having a blast. I went yesterday and helped her with a photoshoot with a young, hip guy down in Lafayette Square. It was amazing, walking around and searching for perfect picture spots. I cannot wait to see some of the pictures. Of course on Saturday was the Harrison’s Hope charity golf tournament and it went great. We had a BLAST. I drove the golf cart around so she could take photos of the golfers. I know we ticked off a few of the “serious” golfers with my cart driving but who cares. At one hole we had snagged a golf ball so we took the golf ball and placed it in the hole and were shooting pictures, well these golfers were waiting up at the top of the hill (impatiently I might add) screaming fore until finally I caught on, we waved sorry but men don’t seem to care what you have to say when they are playing golf. Just get out da way. It was great day with a few hiccups (some blood, mud and grease) but who’s counting.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my friend S, she’s going to teach me a few things in Photoshop, then shopping with my brother’s fiancee and finally a haircut. I am getting it all cutoff. Similar to Sharon Stone’s cut. Very excited.

Sharon Stone hair

Oh and tonight was my last digital photography class. I am now officially on my own and the good news… it’s finally all starting to make sense. Yeah for me. Plus I have two very good teachers in S and Holly. Watch out world here I come.


2 thoughts on “Just not much I want to say lately

  1. ofebers says:

    You better post pictures of the hair! It should be cute! Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Angie says:

    Hi new friend! Love the blog!

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