Updated Blogroll

You can always tell what I am into at the moment by looking at my blogroll. At the beginning of spring I was interested in projects to do with the kids this summer and sewing cute little dresses for L. Here we are mid-summer and all I can think about is photography. Eat, sleep, learn, read photography. I think of poses I want to try on my brother and his fiancee when I take their engagement photos next week, I am already thinking of christmas card photo ideas, it’s endless really.

So with all that photography floating in my head I decided to update my blogroll and include some of the photography websites/blogs that I frequent often. Unlike many of you, I use my blog to check on my favorite blogs. I don’t use google reader or any other reader just the links on my blogroll. It’s easier for me.

Anyway on all those photography blogs there is one thing in common, happiness. They are all taking pictures of people who are happy, it almost gives you goose bumps. You have new babies, happy toddlers, weddings and engagements everywhere you look. So much inspiration. Sigh. Now if I could only figure out what’s wrong with my pc so I can start showing off some of my own pictures, I’m working on it.

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