Do you have a minute?

I would love to tell you about my weekend and my day today.

Saturday our good friends from Kansas City came to the Lou for a visit. They have two girls, one is 8 and one is 3. We met them at their hotel in Westport and had dinner at Ozzie’s. The food was awful and the service was terrible and they charged us gratuity for a party of 8 even though only 7 of us ate. But the conversation and company more than made up for the meal. We didn’t get home that night till 11:00 pm. The kids had so much fun playing with their girls we had a hard time pulling them home.

Sunday we woke up and met them at the zoo, we had beautiful weather and the crowds held off. The zoo was great we actually got to see the Sea Lion show and saw what we wanted to see in an hour and a half. As we were leaving the sun came out, it grew warmer and the zoo became awkwardly crowded. Meaning… too… many… people. Wanna see me run and scream from an establishment? Invite 500 of your closest friends into one small area, then wait… it won’t take long.

Our friends from K.C.

Our friends from K.C.

Last night we dropped our kiddos off with my lovely mother. JT and I have a tradition. We attend a Harry Potter movie as soon as it comes out, just him and I. We always see the movies in the same place, we love seeing them at the Moolah Shrine Theater. They have couches and alcohol. Who could ask for anything more?! Last night the movie was so crowded that we had to sit in the balcony but it didn’t matter we still enjoyed ourselves. I liked the movie but it wasn’t very true to the book, which was a little disappointing. I was supposed to go tonight again with my mom but she wasn’t up for it. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Today we had to wake up pretty early, I got JT to the metrolink station and then quickly went to get L from my mom’s, gave J a kiss (he stayed with my mom today) and headed out. I then drove L to meet my dad’s wife so L could go horse back riding and swimming. After I dropped her off with Nana I headed to meet my new boss. She is AWESOME and I loved talking/chatting with her. We talked about everything and I loved learning all about her and her business. Around 12:30 I left Holly and called Nana, she said that she wanted to keep L for a couple more hours so I went and picked up J and spent some time with my mom and had a nice lunch. We came home for exactly 45 minutes, which in that time I fixed L’s carseat and checked my e-mail. I then went to Sunset Hills to meet my dad and pick up L, when I picked up L she was pissed off. She did not want to come home with me, she had that much fun. We were off again, I dropped the kids off at my mom’s because she wanted to hear all about L’s day and I ran to pick up JT, we headed back to my mom’s picked the kids up and came home to have dinner.

I’m exhausted. Really. But I wouldn’t change anything that happened today. I had a fantastic meeting, L had a super busy, fun day and J got to spend some quality time with his GeGe. It was the perfect weekend with a perfect Monday. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy and who knows what the day will bring. Sorry if I blabbered on and on, it’s all for posterity sake.


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