Are you watching???

Big Brother is in full swing. Lord have mercy. This show is crazy. I watch every year and some years I can’t stand to watch but this one, man oh man. They are playing in cliques. Yeah, high school cliques. I HATED high school mainly because my school was full of cliques. But that a whole other post. Here’s what I think of the schemers and players…

Lydia is a snake.

Kevin needs to shut his mouth. Quit putting yourself in the middle of everything.

Natalie is like that little dog that follows around the bulldog in the sylvester cartoons. All she does is follow around Jessie and Russell.

Russell is the worst!!! He is like the house bully.

Ronnie needs to watch his step. He may be Head of Household this week but he needs to stop promising everything to both sides because he’s going to get caught, hopefully.

Well, can you tell which side I would be on, the underdogs. I do not like people who bully others. This is definitely like watching high school. Okay I had to speak my peace because the show is really starting to bug me.

One thought on “Are you watching???

  1. Becca LB says:

    I’ve recently gotten hooked on BB over the past 3 summers or so and I’m liking that this is in full swing as well. I agree that the worst part about HS was the cliques, so this is a bit painful to watch…. So, our HS had cliques? I don’t remember that (dripping with sarcasm…).
    For now, I like Casey, but who knows. My opinion changes weekly over the summer it seems, but I can’t stand Ronnie! I love your description of Natalie too. Made me literally LOL!

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