Bullets today

I am exhausted so I figured bullets are easy.

  • J is going to be 4 soon. His birthday plans are in full swing. I really need to get his invitations going.
  • Yesterday we had a playdate with my bestest friend and her kiddos. My brother and his fiancee came out to talk to us about wedding plans and we spent the rest of the evening making lists and researching reception sites and I believe she may have picked some dates. YEAH!!! We had a good time.
  • JT went out last night and didn’t get home until 2:30 am or so, L woke up at 2:00, JT once home rolled over and slapped me in the face while we were sleeping, that was around 5:00. It was a rough early morning sleep.
  • I am SO excited about taking my brother’s engagement photos, can barely stand it. My friend S is walking me through exposure and answering my questions. The more I know the better
  • I NOW HAVE PHOTOSHOP CS3. WOW, cannot wait to start playing with it. I wish S and I could sit and just play for hours but unfortunately we both have responsibilities (there called kids)
  • We’re waiting to hear if our friends from KC are coming in for the weekend, they want to do STL touristy stuff which is always fun.
  • On Monday I will be meeting with Holly McCaig for the first time to watch her work (squeal)

There that’s all the info I have, I have cute pictures of J today to post and my photo blog to get caught up. I may just lay on the couch and do nothing tonight.


One thought on “Bullets today

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Good luck with the new job! :0)

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