I got a job!!!!

So very excited. Can barely stand it… Need to shout it from the rooftops. I am going to be an on-location photographer’s assistant and a wedding assistant. What an amazing experience this will be, I cannot wait to learn from someone this talented and learn more about the business. Plus the photographer that I will be working with is so cool. Her name is Holly McCaig and she is multi-talented. Not only is she a photographer and a blogger but she also designs digital scrapbooking kits at 2Peas. Check out her website here.

Cannot wait for the first session. I am going to meet her next week for coffee. I am so elated, bet you couldn’t tell..

5 thoughts on “I got a job!!!!

  1. heather says:

    Congrats! How incredibly fun for you!!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Holy crap!
    That is so cool!!
    I saw some of her work when she took photos of Tammy Tutterow’s daughter and they were fabulous.

  3. Olivia says:

    When will you be working? Saturdays mostly?

  4. Uncle TBone says:

    That is so cool and awesome. You already have raw talent (a good eye on your shots). You will be a wonder.

  5. […] Started working for Holly McCaig as a photographer’s assistant […]

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