Ah, we had great plans today. We were going to hang out at the pool with Heather and her kids. I was looking forward to sitting and talking with Heather while my kids were playing. Stupid rain. Here’s what I’m up against today…

Today's Weather

usually I don’t let the rain get me down but when you have plans it can be disheartening. She invited us to come out and play and I should have said yes. Sure it’s far but good company would’ve been worth it. JT is home today, working from home and I could get the little grocery shopping done that I have left. But that doesn’t sound like much fun, that sounds more like responsibility. What I really want to do is take the kids to the zoo, it’s almost against the law that I live so close and haven’t been but twice this year and we haven’t even see the stingrays yet.

The dollar show is a good idea but why are there no more in STL. Why do I have to drive out to St. Charles just to see a bunch of kids flicks that have run their course in the regular theaters. Okay well I’m done complaining I’ll go figure out something to do. Sorry Heather, hope you guys have a good day.


4 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. heather says:

    So frustrated with the rain today!
    Sure enough, right after I hung up the phone with you it started raining. And hasn’t stopped. Grrr.

    We went to the library this morning and loaded up on movies and books to (hopefully) keep the kids busy while we finish up the kitchen this afternoon and the rest of the weekend. That’s the extent of our excitement this Friday! Hope you guys find something fun to do 🙂

    We’ll be in touch about rescheduling our playdate!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Hey, don’t know if you know this, but there is an indoor area at the zoo now in The Living World called Zoomagination.
    It’s kind of like the discovery room at the Science Center but it’s FREE for everyone. There is a session every hour on the hour and it runs 45 minutes but you can always go back for another one if there are “tickets” left.
    We’ll have to meet up there someday.

    Another bummer is it hasn’t even rained here yet! Are we still supposed to get all that?

  3. ofebers says:

    Wehrenberg has summer movies for cheap.

  4. Becca LB says:

    We were going to go to the zoo on Sunday afternoon and rain busted up that plan too. Oh well, we went and used the gift cert to BAB we got from you. Check out my pics on FB if you haven’t already!

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