BIG News!!!

I had to wait… then I wasn’t sure how to blog about something so wonderful. It felt like it would never happen. I thought my brother would be a bachelor FOREVER!

Then he met HER. She is so wonderful. Good with my kids, good to my brother, down to earth and beautiful. She’s tons of fun and bit shy. We are so very excited about their engagement, probably no one more than me. They were engaged on 7/6/09 but my mom and I are saying 7/8/09 because it’s a way cooler date 😉

For all the family out there that reads my blog and is crazy for info, here it is: They are getting married next Spring (date to be determined), they are going away to have a private just the two of them wedding  (possibly Jamaica) and coming back to a full-on rager, reception, party. As soon as dates are picked and places oh and I get to take their engagement pictures, so once all of that is determined and done, I will update all of you.

CONGRATS to N8 and my future sis-in-law. Now of course I have pictures.







Aren’t they cute together. Do you see a common denominator in almost every one of my pictures of them together…. L!!! She is always in the middle of them or sitting on C’s lap. I’d say she might love C a little more than us 😉 not much though.


4 thoughts on “BIG News!!!

  1. C says:

    Aww thanks Hollie, can’t wait to be part of the family, I’m going to need a lot of help planning this. Can’t think of a person better to help than you.

    Love you

  2. ofebers says:

    I’m so excited for them! Hopefully they’ll bring on more cousins soon…I know, baby steps.
    Lets get together soon!

  3. Mary Jo says:

    Your brother reminds me so much of my brother in the photos where he has a beard! :0)

    Congrats to your brother and future sis-in-law!

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