More random…

Just more random stuff, like you need that in your life.

I mentioned earlier that J woke us up this morning by coming into our room and sobbing. I hate to hear him like that. It breaks my heart. When JT woke up and asked him “what’s wrong buddy” (that breaks my hear too) he was crying so hard, “I peed in my bed”. Poor guy. He wears a pull-up every night and I would say 1 day out of 12 he will wake up wet, so it’s not that often. I have no idea why he leaked outside the pull-up but it was really upsetting to him and it was upsetting to me because it’s not that big of a deal. I told him that it’s okay, we’re not mad at him and accidents happen. Poor baby.


I swore I wasn’t going to comment but I have seen many other posts where people feel the same as myself so I will say just a few things about Jon and Kate. I was upset watching the show. I knew that they were going to announce a separation but I hadn’t been on-line Monday and had no idea they were also filing for divorce. I was sad for them but it brought back so many memories of my own parents divorce. I was sad for the kids mostly and a little for Kate. Not much sympathy for Jon. It’s not all his fault, a marriage is made of two people but I just feel like he wasn’t acting like a grown-up. But it’s really not my business and that’s what’s so sad. Now would be the time to wrap the show and move on. I actually cried when they showed them getting the kids into the car via umbrellas and Jon held the umbrella over her while she got in the car. I was crying more for my family and the things that I feel like could’ve been but it all works out for the best in the end.


Last night the kids wanted to have a sleepover in L’s room (she has a trundle) so I agreed. I thought it could be fun for them and didn’t see any harm in letting them try it. They were up till 10:30 pm talking and laughing. JT and I had to go in there four times to get them to calm down. Finally the last time JT visited her room, J had had enough. He requested to go back to his bed and L was upset. But everyone was in their own beds and asleep by 11:00 pm. So today we are staying home. I know there are meltdowns in my future and that’s fine but at least we’ll be at home.


There is a Lutheran club here in the city that has gymnastics, aerobics, dance lessons and the best of all… a pool. So JT and I were looking into joining. Problem is, no one will call me back. I have e-mailed them, called them and left a message and nothing. Seriously. This drives me crazy more than anything else. I believe in customer service, apparently they don’t.


I am starting a veggie co-op here in the city. It’s going to be awesome. If you live in St. Louis and you watched the Moms Like Me show last week (my friend Heather was on there, you can visit her blog and see a clip of the show) then you will know what I am talking about. I am very excited and I think I have a friend that is going to kind of help out and be my back-up. I will have more info once the co-op gets started.


That’s all my random stuff in my head. I feel almost cleansed.


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