We had our book club meeting tonight and had a great time. We talked about our book, Julie and Julia, general consensus… it was okay. I picked our meeting place this month and I chose crepes, etc in the central west end and it was perfect. The food was super yummy and I was able to sit and sip a coffee. I enjoy reading but I think I enjoy the company of these women more than anything else. We were missing two women tonight but it’s hard to get everyone together, life is busy for all of us. Our newest member joined us tonight and I think she is a perfect fit. We all seem to get along so well.

I was super excited for tonight like I am every month and had on my brand new dress  (mine is red) from Target. I was all set to have a good time and the evening did not disappoint. There was one thorn in my side, literally. I ripped my new dress, I got it caught on a rose bush while walking into the cafe. Luckily I have the tag and I will be taking it back tomorrow and hopefully getting a new one.

Heather chose our next book which is Expecting Adam by Martha Beck and we will all be going to see the Julie and Julia movie that comes out in August together. I think we’re all excited about that one. I hope you all had a good night, we are off to the circus tomorrow and can’t wait.


One thought on “Tonight

  1. Marisa Eash says:

    I read Expecting Adam when I was an undergrad in philosophy. I wrote a paper about the ethical dilemma that can be raised in this story. Very good book…you’ll definitely enjoy.

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