Testing Anxiety

I have always suffered from testing anxiety. Always. It was really bad in high school. I would learn the material and freeze up at test time. I pray I do not pass this on to my children. If I’m going to though, there’s no time like the present. I’ll explain.

Today we ran some errands and when we came home there was a message from L’s new kindergarten teacher on our callnotes. I first thought it was just about coming over to meet our family. NOPE. It was in regards to setting up an appointment for kindergarten testing. What?! She has to go in and have readiness testing done, I thought the preschool teacher already did this testing. So I asked the teacher is this a pass/fail kind of thing?! She didn’t answer my question, which means she didn’t put my mind at ease. All she said was, “I’m going to go over letter and number recognition with her and a few other things. You’ll be able to sit in the hallway and wait for her. The whole thing takes about a half hour.”

The anxiety, oh the anxiety and I’m not even the one taking the test (this one I could pass). L is familiar with her letters and numbers but when you put her on the spot she tends to stumble a little becacuse she’s more on the shy side, so unfortunately it’s not her strong suit. So not knowing how she’ll do we did some practicing today. I took a piece of poster board and tested her myself. I mixed up the alphabet and pointed to them while asking her what they were. She passed my test but I’m her mommy, she’s comfortable with me. So after my own alphabet review we talked about how her teacher is super nice and she will need to answer her questions. I also told her that mommy wasn’t going to be in the room with her but I was going to wait outside and she’d be perfectly fine because she’s as nice as her preschool teachers, if not nicer. I’m trying not to make this a big deal, especially in front of her, because I know it’s not a big deal but I want my children to succeed in everything and not let their shyness slow them down. L would hesitate on an answer just because she doesn’t want to be wrong and upset the teacher, I’ve seen her do this with her preschool teachers. So I’m not going to think about it and I’m just going to enjoy my weekend. There’s plenty of time to be anxious on Monday and I know that she will do her best, that’s all I will ever ask of her.


One thought on “Testing Anxiety

  1. Becca says:

    I just wanted to let you know that Mat’s sister, Megan also has struggled with that same test taking anxiety all of her life. She found out in college she had a minor learning disability. The only reason she found out was through an observant teacher who noticed Megan would know all of the material beforehand but then freeze up on the tests. After that, every time she took tests she was in a room by herself and had unlimited amount of time to take it. Her grades shot way up!

    So, even if L does get anxious, just know that there is help out there 🙂

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