So Far So Good

We are having a great week around here. Monday we were at home, but Tuesday we went out to breakfast with my mom and then took her to see UP, in 3D this time. The kids of course loved seeing the movie again and J even kept his 3D glasses on the entire time. My mom loved the movie too. Afterwards we went shopping. I got some awesome new clothes courtesy of my mom which was so much fun because I now have some clothes that I am comfortable in this summer (including a maxi dress that I LOVE). We also bought some uniform pieces for L to start kindergarten in August. Finding uniform pieces for L was more difficult than I thought it would be, she is only a size 5T and they didn’t have a lot to choose from, including a pink shirt. I think it’s going to be great that L is wearing a uniform next school year but I still want her to look cute and girly and not wearing a boys uniform shirt.

Wednesday we had friends over for some water play in the backyard and today we are taking it easy becacuse it’s 97 degrees outside. Yikes. I know it’s coming every year but I can never quite grasp it the first couple of days, all that humidity. I just finished JT’s father’s day gift with a little help from L (since technically it’s from her). Our Father’s Day plans are kind of going to crap so we’ll have to see what develops there, my poor Dad is out of town in Canada fishing and his pool isn’t working. So when he gets home he’ll have to fix that, we don’t care about the pool we just want to be with my Dad.

Tomorrow we will run errands and finish up our Father’s Day preparations. Then on Saturday we have the circus in the afternoon, we are very excited. So all in all it’s a great week. Everyone’s behaving, for the most part and our new chores list is going well (each kid has to clean their room, brush their teeth, clear or set the table and help clean the toy room).


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