My Pictures

My pictures are my pictures. I don’t want someone to take them and put them on a billboard somewhere. Did you hear about that lady from St. Louis that had her Christmas picture taken off of her blog and placed on a billboard in the Czech Republic. Here’s her blog story and it’s been all over the news. JT taped it for me so I could hear the story. Funny thing we were just talking about how this could happend and it kind of freaks me out from time to time. There really isn’t a foolproof way around this but I don’t want pictures of my kiddos out there without my permission so I think I am going to start putting text across their chests (at least until I figure out how to do a watermark). Do you have any opinions on the matter?


2 thoughts on “My Pictures

  1. JT says:

    At least the pictures were not used in some questionable advertisement. A grocery store is kind of obscure.

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    When you post a picture, make sure the link isn’t listed in that little box that pops up. If you do that, it doesn’t open up to a full resolution size. Thats how all mine were until recently. i did recently make mine able to pop up so the grandparents could get a better look, but I’m going to stop doing that again.

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