Bullets are much better today

I am feeling better today, I can move off the couch and JT has returned to work. So I will just do bullets, it’s quicker.

  • We went to the Farmer’s Market in Tower Grove on Saturday. We enjoyed doing something different and we were able to buy our dinner for that night. I ran into my ex-boss again, the kids ran around in the pop-jets and then J was in a bad mood so he complained the rest of the trip about being wet.
  • Saw the movie UP on Sunday and had a great time. The kids loved the movie, JT and I started to hear thunder and we knew it was outside but when the kids asked we told them that it was in the movie (we were trying to keep our thunder fearing children calm). Towards the end of the movie the power went out and we just sat there in the dark. Wouldn’t you think that they should send an usher in to same something? You would think, instead JT headed out to find out what was going on while I stayed with the kids and checked my phone for weather updates. It did come back on and the storm passed so it was no big deal.
  • Woke up on Monday with a terrible cold and flu. JT brought dinner home that was a nice treat
  • Tuesday was horrible, after being up all night JT took a half day and tried to take me to a Walgreens clinic but they wouldn’t take our insurance. We got back in the car and I called my regular doctor and they couldn’t get me in until today at 1:15. Pretty sure I have a sinus infection and double ear infection.
  • Got home and our dogs foot isn’t looking good so instead of me going to the doctor our dog will be going to the vet. Over the counter meds for me.
  • Had to cancel my hair color appointment and eyebrow wax. Great. Will have to call to reschedule when I feel up to it.
  • Found out my library books were due yesterday
  • Love my husband, he comes home from work and takes the kids outside every evening to get rid of all that extra energy they collect during the day.
  • My kids diets have been extremely poor the last couple of days, they’ll live
  • I won’t even begin to tell you about my house

There you have it, I’m a work in progress this week. Today my goals include: feeding my kids some normal food and possibly cleaning up the toy room, we’ll see.


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