I want to leave town

I want to pack my bags… load up my family (yes they are coming with me)… and drive. I want to go somewhere exciting and see something I’ve never seen before. I want to wander and just live out of a suitcase for a day. I want to sleep in an unfamiliar bed. I want, I want, I want. I’m whining.

I love to travel and it seems everyone is packing up and going somewhere. We have fun things planned for the summer, in fact I did a post about it here, but there’s nothing coming up and I’m having trouble finalizing our plans for our two trips away. I haven’t settled into a routine yet with the kids and JT. Since we have one car I have to decide what days I will have the car and what days he will have the car. I’m just a planner and I like to know what we will be doing and when. My house is all clean and organized (this includes my basement and L’s room) and now I’m ready to play but we have no plans as of yet. I think I may just take my kids to the art museum on my own tomorrow, start getting out just the 3 of us.

Sorry just needed to whine and get the wander lust I’m experiencing out in the open because it’s enough to drive a woman batty.


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