Top Ten Tuesday – My Favorite Summer Activities

Top Ten Tuesday

Since the summer has been here now for two weeks I decided maybe I would make a list of my favorite things to do during the summer.

  1. Travel – I yearn to travel, I love the packing, I love the driving, I love all the hassles, I love discovering a new place, I love the hotel rooms. Can you tell I love it all?! Okay the one thing I hate…. unpacking.
  2. Swimming – I love a leisure swim in the pool, just floating or a simple doggy paddle, I get really nervous though when my kids are present. I am a hawk when they are around a pool.
  3. Eating – All that barbecue on the weekends. Yum!! Ribs, pork steaks, hamburgers, corn on the cob. All of it.
  4. Playdates – I love hanging out with our friends and cousins, visiting fun places in St. Louis or just hanging out at each other’s houses.
  5. My Dad’s House – I love being at my dad’s, he usually barbecues, we swim until we are worn out, he has a giant hill for the 3 slide slip-n-slide, it’s just totally relaxing.
  6. Monday’s off with my mom – In the summer my mom has Monday’s off and we always do something together, whether it be shopping or her helping me clean/organize my basement. We work well together and always have fun.
  7. The clothes – Not necessarily on me, shorts and I aren’t friends this year but I do love short sleeve shirts and I love my kids in summer clothes.
  8. Evenings outside on the porch – JT and I love to sit on the front porch on nice evenings after the kids have gone to bed, we enjoy a glass of wine and just chat about everything.
  9. Still light outside at bedtime – Not my bedtime but the kids. I love putting them to bed and there’s still light coming through their windows, they probably don’t like it, but I think they are too young to care yet.
  10. The summer shows – I love the summer when Monk, Psych and Big Brother always start. There are always some fun shows on in the summer but not enough that you get caught up in watching too much TV.

There is my top 10 list of things I love about summer. Next week will probably be the 10 things I hate about summer (joking… I think). Visit Oh Amanda to view other top ten lists.


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