Today was supposed to be better (UPDATE)

Our first day of summer vacation, poop is all cleaned up and I was going to start reorganizing the basement. I had an appointment today with the gas man to come and replace our meter downstairs, you know I completely forgot. Of course I did what with all the chaos yesterday so I was laying on the couch this morning (JT took the car) in my jammies, no shower and L was still sleeping, I hear a big car pull up outside. Oh shit! Oh shit! The gas man was here. Lovely, I was running around getting my robe and the dogs all put away and I twisted my knee something awful (it’s been bugging me since I started my workout). So I let the gas man in downstairs and he starts working away, I hear a knock at my back door and he tells me we have a gas leak, several little ones actually. He needs to check behind my stove, so he comes in shuts down my stove and heads back downstairs to see if the pipes are now holding pressure, um no they aren’t. So he turns off my gas and locks it with pipes not attached downstairs and tells me to call a contractor to come and fix it, um aren’t you the gas company? Shouldn’t you be fixing the problem? He leaves and that’s that.

I have called my mom who is handling the situation with the gas company over the phone (it’s her building) and JT is on his way home to help me move some things in my basement so either a contractor or someone can come and fix everything. It’s gonna be one of those weeks. Seriously!!!

I told the kids what was going on and L says, “What does that mean?” I calmly say “well we don’t have any hot water and I can’t cook on the stove”. L being the cute little girl she is says, “That means no mac & cheese, no noodles, no soup, no cookin nasun” Yep, that’s right baby… Nasun (nothing)!!!

*UPDATE: No one was available to come out and fix the leak today so we are still without gas and we aren’t positive if someone will be able to come out tomorrow. It’s extremely frustrating and we are extremely pissed off at the gas company. They told us that they can’t fix it because they didn’t break it, also the guy that was here told me that they don’t want him spending too much time here, so looking into the leak isn’t possible. So what are they good for? What do they do? They sure are quick to collect your money or shut your gas off if you can’t pay them. Nothing like having a monopoly control your gas.


One thought on “Today was supposed to be better (UPDATE)

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Guess it’s your turn for microwaved Mac n Cheese. 🙂 What is REEEEEALLY spooky is last week while comforting me, you sent me a IM that said ‘”who knows, next week maybe it’ll be my turn” Weeeeeeiiiiirddd.
    I am so sorry this is all happening to you. If I can help with anything, let me know.

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