How I Spent My Memorial Day

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to our friend Heather’s house and really had a nice time. Our kids all got along, the food was super yummy and I have some cool pictures to share. This is what I was going to blog about today. Instead all I have to talk about is poop.

Last night when we got home around 9:20 pm, we walked in the door and it smelled like poop. We at first thought well one of our dogs must have had an accident. So we hunted around for the suspect, couldn’t find anything. JT took them outside and was down there for a few minutes, came upstairs and said “well I know where the smell is coming from”. Our basement had flooded and it was high, there was toliet paper, poop and food all over the floor downstairs. LOVELY!!!

We were supposed to clean/organize our basement today, instead we were walking around in shit poop and taking items outside to disinfect like toys and furniture. My mom came over and called Roto Rooter, they hurried over and unclogged the drain and pipes (sidenote: he says that Charmin is the WORST toilet paper, it doesn’t disintegrate because they use a moisturizer). Then we cleaned the floor and washed everything off and put it all in the garage.

Doesn’t that sound like a lovely afternoon? We did finish on a good note with some barbecue but we are sore and gross. In fact I’m getting in the shower and I’ll be back tomorrow with a nice Saturday evening barbecue story and pictures instead. Hope you had a better Memorial Day.


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