Gel is the Enemy

Bet you can’t guess what prompted this look and yep, those are tears running down his cheeks.


I had the nerve to style his new haircut and make it all spikey. Me, styling his hair with gel caused a tantrum that lasted 15 minutes. Poor guy. He does not like his new haircut and after this picture was taken he went in and smoothed it all down again. I think he looks adorable.


2 thoughts on “Gel is the Enemy

  1. Erika says:

    This brings back memories. When S was 4, he had a haircut and the stylist put his hair in a mohawk when she was done. He LOST HIS MIND, and when he calmed down enough for human speech again (10 minutes later. In the salon), all he would say was, “I want my hair FLAT.”

    J looks so grown up, though. Simply amazing.

  2. hotomom says:

    It’s amazing how time flies. Last time you saw him he was a baby and so was Harper, they’ve both grown so much this year.

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