Hobby Hump Day – Sunglasses Holder

I finally have a project to show you, it’s absolutely no big deal but I think it’s wonderful. I recently purchased a new pair of fabulous sunglasses for my birthday last month and each lense already has a scratch, ugh!!! So I was telling my mom that it had to be easy to make a holder for them out of scraps. So my mom helped me with the concept and fabric. She had a purple quilted fabric and an off white flowered fabric she used for some pillows.

There are no measurements I just places my sunglasses on the fabric and cut it out around them. We put the like sides together and I used my mom’s sewing machine (mine is still broken) to sew around the edges leaving just a little gap to be able to turn it right side out. I then hand sewed the open gap. It looked like a double-sided square when I was done.

IMG_0637  IMG_0638

Then I folded the square in half and sewed two of the sides together. Really no big deal and definitely room for improvement but it gets the job done. Here’s the finished product…

IMG_0643  IMG_0644

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One thought on “Hobby Hump Day – Sunglasses Holder

  1. ofebers says:

    Cute…holder, and glasses!

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