Fourth post today

Okay so this is my fourth post today but those who know me expect it. Lots of stuff has been going on.

As I mentioned in my my baby post it’s been an emotional day. J’s last day of Mom’s Day Out, he’ll be a preschooler in the fall and L’s last full day of school today, she’ll be in kindergarten in the fall. It’s just going way to fast. I’ll probably be a wreck on Friday during the slideshow I made and also while they do they songs and stuff.

Our dog isn’t doing well lately. He is having trouble standing up from a laying down position or in a sitting position. He is also tripping up the outside stairs, one day JT had to lift him up the stairs… he’s 80 pounds or so. Not an easy task. We have to get him to the vet but my plates are due on my car this month and we just don’t have money for all of it at once. Daily stress sucks. I took some pictures of him the other night but they all turned out red because there wasn’t much light. In other words, they aren’t very good.

DSC_0024  DSC_0033

Today I found out that a woman I know and respect a ton is verbally abused by her husband and it breaks my heart. I just want to hug her and tell her it’s okay other people love and respect her in a positive way. I’ve seen verbal abuse first hand and know that it can really be horrible for her and her kids.

I finished the slideshow for preschool, I will be showing it on Friday. I might even show it here on my blog (if I get positive feedback). The teachers charged $5 for additional copies for each family so I have to go purchase the cds tonight and then I get to keep the extra money. That’s really cool.

We had a playdate on Tuesday with Ish and his mom at their house. She was an excellent host and we had a picnic in her backyard. She has an awesome house and backyard, I didn’t want to leave but Jillian was calling my name. She made cupcakes that J of course devoured (we all did) and then we rode their motorized tractor, my kids had a blast.




of course what would a playdate be without Ms. L pouting, she’s so good at it


I am very excited, we were invited to a barbecue this weekend (Sunday) at my friend Heather’s house. She has a son J’s age and a daughter that’s a year older than L. JT and her husband get along really well and of course Heather and I get along so I am excited to have a nice weekend get together.

Okay I guess that’s all I have going on right now, at least that I can think of. I am off to create a perler bead creation with my son, wish me luck and patience.


2 thoughts on “Fourth post today

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Flip up the flash on the camera and then tape a little bit of a kleenex or toilet paper over the bulb. It will give you some extra light, get ri of the red, but be diffused enough to not look so “flash like” You might need to take it down to single ply.
    I’m sorry to hear about your dog. 😦

  2. hotomom says:

    Wow you have some cool tricks up your sleeve.

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