Photo Monday – Youth

Photo Monday_edited-1

Today’s photo is supposed to be something to represent Youth. I immediately thought of this picture from Mother’s Day. L has just discovered this year how much fun a simple dandelion can be, you know when they become all snowy white. Did you know that they are called parachute balls, according to Wikipedia, and Wikipedia doesn’t lie.

While on our hike that day of course we saw a ton of them. I got down to her level and was able to catch a timeless thing I think we all love to do whether we are young or not. There’s something relaxing about watching all those seeds drift away. Now that I am older I don’t appreciate them being blown in or around my yard but at the park… the skies the limit.


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Next week’s topic is…. Water!!!

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2 thoughts on “Photo Monday – Youth

  1. Becca LB says:

    So cute! My DD has discovered how cool these are, unfortunately at 2, she still gets them too close to her mouth and ends up with some seeds in her mouth…

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