Things I Love Thursdays – My Afternoon Schedule

Things I Love Thursday

The kids and I have a new afternoon routine and I have to say I love it. We get home from wherever and I make the kids lunch. While they are eating lunch I work out with my Shred (don’t let my whining kid you, I actually enjoy it), afterwards I get cleaned up and then we all sit down for an afternoon movie with a snack. When the movie is over I start dinner preparations or go retrieve JT from work. It’s the most fun I have had with myself and my kids in the last few months. One of the kids is always in my lap and we watch good, fun movies. Today we watched Night at the Museum. Gotta say I hope this continues for a while. Mind you I live in a tiny apartment so there is not a whole lot of “housework” to do, so usually when I sit down I am not neglecting much. Maybe a few toys being picked up but you know what it’s totally worth it, I’m a much happier mommy.

I’m late today but if you want to see other TILT check out The Diaper Diaries.


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