Top Ten Tuesday – My Reasons Why I’m Done Having Kids

Top Ten Tuesday

After the last two weeks I have had as a mother (except for Mother’s Day which was lovely) it’s no wonder I decided what my top ten list would be today. So without delay here are the Top Ten Reasons I myself will not be having any  more children and maybe now people will stop asking me when we are having more.

1. The morning sickness. It’s debilitating! I am down for 4 months and then never really completely okay. With my son I lost 30 pounds and couldn’t get off the couch, no matter how much Zofran I took. It’s awful and I kind of like being productive.

2. Sleep. I am on the road to finally getting a full night’s sleep. There are still nights where one or the other will wake us up, but these nights are getting fewer and far between. Sleep and I are best friends.

3. The expense. Oh my god the expense. No one tells you how much it’s gonna cost and I know it only gets worse as they get older. If you are shopaholic before you had kids then it only gets worse. The cute little dresses or the toys that will teach them things, the formula, the diapers, the furniture, the accessories… you get the idea.

4. No more potty training. Wow just think I never have to teach another human being how to pee and poop on the potty. Thank the Lord! L had some trouble with this and J was a champ so you would think that it’s no big deal to me, but it wasn’t something I ever wish to do again. The poop in the underwear, oh I hated that.

5. A boy and a girl. What more could I ask for? I get to experience the rough and tumble, testosterone filled boy and the sweet, frilly, hormone filled girl. Plus they each have a hand to hold, I don’t need to grow a third appendage (arm, leg, eye) to keep track of them.

6. Too far apart. My two kids are 16 months apart. I am finally at a point where I don’t mind this so much. If I were to have a third I would feel like they are too far apart.

7. No more naps. I can just pick up and go, not that this happens but it’s nice to not have a set schedule anymore. Sure we have somewhat of a schedule, like lunch and school and stuff, but yesterday is a perfect example. My dad’s wife called and wanted L to come ride her horse in the afternoon so we dropped everything and went.

8. Communication. We are all talking in this house, this doesn’t mean that we have good communication skills. Finally there are words that everyone possesses and there is no more crying or grunting for things. J’s speech has improved drastically to the point where we aren’t asking him “what did you say” all the time or having L translate.

9. Patience. What I have on my patience scale is gone by the time I put my kiddos to bed. The only way I can refill it is with a good night’s rest. I know in my heart that it’s like love, it grows with each child but I’m just not in the mood to find out if that’s true.

10. The pain. Literally and physically. My heart breaks every time they experience pain. Whether it be a little girl not wanting to play with L or J falling in the park the other day. Much like the cost of children I know the pain changes and will only get worse.

Here’s one more, just because I was on a roll and it’s a biggie….

11. The room. Each of my kids has their own room and we live where we can afford right now. To double up in a room isn’t something we want to do and I feel fortunate that our house suits our needs.

I know I could come up with several more, the weight, transportation, etc. etc. But I also know that I could come up with a few reasons to have more kids too, but it’s not going to happen because with this topic I can be nothing but logical. I have the best job in the world and wouldn’t trade it for anything. My heart is full and I know that my family planning is perfect for me. This isn’t meant to take away from the mommy’s that have 3 or more children, this is simply to stop those curious questions of why I am not having any more children. We are happy as a family of four, the way we are.

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – My Reasons Why I’m Done Having Kids

  1. ohamanda says:

    Ah, sleep! Lovely sleep, how I miss thee!

  2. Janna says:

    I’m with you on all of these except for one of each (I have two boys) and age gap (mine two are 7 years, 4 months apart). The same two parents, same marriage, just God’s sense of humor and timing! I am so done now – plus I’m (sort of) old!

  3. Becky says:

    I agree! Two was enough for me- I had a boy and a girl, but even if both had been boys, I would have been done.

  4. […] for reasons why not.  I was reading my friends list of reasons just a few minutes ago and I was reminded of a few to add to this […]

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