Enough Already…

I told you of my parental trials last week here, here and possibly even here. It’s gotten better on the behavior front but not in the injury department. More injuries to report:

  • J was standing on a stool in his room when it flipped over, he went sailing forward and knocked his head on some of his Planet Heroes sitting in a pile. He had a huge bump and now it’s a huge bruise on the side of his head.
  • My mom was adding some wood to her fence in her backyard when the nail gun stalled and then fired a nail through her finger, she hasn’t seen a doctor yet because it seems to be healing okay.
  • J was running on the trail in the park yesterday when he fell forward and banged his head on some rocks. He has a nasty bump on his head that was bleeding and oozing, scraped elbows, the whole bit.
  • We were visiting my dad tonight when his dogs got into a fight. The one knocked down his wife and I tried to grab him as he lunged toward the other dog again, I missed so my dad was right in the middle and his one dog really bit him on the arm (more like ripped his arm open). It was bleeding everywhere so we ran some water on it after the dogs were seperated and realized it was pretty bad, his wife rushed him to urgent care where they aren’t going to stitch it they are just going to bandage it up because they don’t like to stitch dog bites, in case there is something in there. It’s bad though, deep and big and would require stitches if it wasn’t a dog bite. Makes me shake to think about it and my poor kids were freaked out.
  • Tonight we were leaving a restaurant after dinner, L wasn’t paying attention and walked right into a turtarrier. She slammed her knee into the concrete turtarrier and fell on her hand and her stomach right on top of the block. It could have been worse, she just has a skinned knee.
  • Found out tonight while visiting my dad a friend of the family had a heart attack, she’s doing well.

Really enough is enough. I told JT to just take me home where I was going to lock the doors and close the blinds and just hide, maybe then no one else will get hurt. Luckily all of these things have been minor, even the dog bite and heart attack could have been worse. Please just everyone else be careful out there, it’s dangerous.


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