Only neurotic mom???

Sometimes I feel like the only crazy neurotic mom out there. I love Saturdays. We have soccer and swim lessons around the same time at the same place, so we are all there together as a family. It’s wonderful. JT stays with J at soccer and I take L to swim lessons.

L is doing so well at swim lessons, she isn’t afraid and she is becoming a little fish. There are two young teachers and they are oblivious, they barely pay attention to the kids. Looking all around, not talking to them… they put their faces in the water today and L sucked in a bunch and was coughing, neither of them paid any attention to her. I was on the sidelines telling her what to do. It’s pathetic. The lifeguards are even worse. Looking all around, yawning, not looking at the pool. Ridiculous. I was so crabby when we left. Oh and this is the second week that a little girl has left crying because she was scared. Um, it’s because she doesn’t feel secure. God sometimes the Y is a bigger pain than it’s worth. If I could afford private lessons she would most definitely be doing that instead.

But, is it just me?! I am not scared of water, I can hold my own. In fact, I consider myself a strong swimmer.  So I want my kids to be able to swim and be strong swimmers too. This class is freaking me out. JT and I might have to trade cause I can barely stand to watch anymore. Today I almost marched up to the main desk and said something but then L suffers, not me.


3 thoughts on “Only neurotic mom???

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Sorry, but I really really dislike swim lessons at the Y! we did it one summer and I swore never again!! So you are not neurotic at all.

    And Happy Mother’s Day! :0)

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  3. alisha says:

    The instructor is important. If it wasn’t for my friendly and wonderful swim instructor Christina. I think I wouldn’t have taken to swimming so much. I’ll be sure to send my kids to take up lessons with her.

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