Grocery Store Lessons

Yesterday we picked JT up at work and I was zapped, no energy what so ever and we still had to go to the grocery store. The kids were both asleep in the car so at least it was a quiet ride.

We got to the grocery store and it was PACKED!!! I think it’s because it was $10 off a $50 order day, I’m not really sure. So we make it through the crowded grocery store with absolutely no problems. JT ran out to the car while we were checking out (we forgot the reusable grocery bags), the kids helped me unload the groceries onto the checkout conveyor. I was doing the best I could at watching them and then I hear the lady in front of me say “that’s not mine, it’s hers!! Her kids put it over the separator” she did say it loudly. At that moment I wanted to reach across and grab the lady, shake her and say do you know the day I have had or week for that matter?! It’s a stinking jar of mayo, the checker can take it off. Is there a need to make a scene? You have a child with you, you understand these days, can’t we stick together. Instead I looked at her and the checker and apologized. The checker just smiled and said it was okay, she was trying to be nice, when it was my turn to checkout she split my order in half so I could save $20 instead of just $10. I would say she understood what kind of day I was having.

We finish paying and walk over to bag our groceries… I parked the kids in there cart (one of those double seats with the cart attached) like two feet from where we were standing and I was standing sideways so I could see them the whole time. I am telling you all of this because I really did not leave my child unattended. J was squirming in his seat and I told him to sit still, he took the strap that holds you into the seat and looped it around his neck, still squirming he fell and could have choked himself when he fell if his feet had not touched the ground. Seriously this all happened in two seconds flat, I lunged towards him and unhooked the strap from his neck but thank god I was paying attention. I looked and JT and said “did you see that?” I was in complete disbelief at what had just occurred.

At this point we were finished and just wheeled out to the car. There was nothing more to do than sit down and cry and that wasn’t an option.

Luckily today JT is home, working from home and so far it has been a stress free day.


2 thoughts on “Grocery Store Lessons

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    I’m so glad he was ok! Gosh, your really having a hard few weeks. It’ll get better though…doesn’t it always? 🙂 Hang in there.

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