Whine, Whine, Whine

Plenty of that to go around today. My son was so whiny this afternoon I cancelled all errands and just brought both kids home. It seems to have worked, if only he would take a nap because I need one desperately. I miss those days, napping days, when both kids would take a nap. I don’t really want to whine about my kids but they each have some stuff going on that’s starting to eat at me.

L is so off schedule lately. She takes a nap in the car on the way to pick up JT, it’s about a 40 minute nap. Then she doesn’t go to sleep at night until 9:30 pm. She goes down at 8:00 but just lays in there or tries to sneak out. It’s not over there…. about 2:00 am she heads into our room to sleep on the mattress on the floor in our room. She will then sleep til 8:00 am, probably later if I let her but I have to wake her up, hurry and get her dressed and rush JT to work. It’s exhausting. Maybe I should start sleeping in her bed.

L doesn’t keep her room clean, I really don’t expect her to keep it sparkling but it would be nice to not walk in there and step on a headband (it bruised the bottom of my foot). So after yelling at her off and on constantly I have decided that she can’t change her clothes until her room is cleaned up. She like to play dress up when we get home with her dresses and skirts. It sounds mean and/or stupid but I don’t know what to do. The clothes end up on the floor and the toys are ridiculously riddled all over her floor.

J has started having issues with anger. He growls at me and stomps off when he’s mad, he even cocks his arm back to hit either me, his sister or JT. He’s strong too and it hurts. Today we came home just for a few minutes before speech so I told him not to take his shoes off. I didn’t want to search 5 minutes for them when it was time to leave. I thought it was a reasonable request. He sat in his room, huffing and growling and kind of screaming. Seriously where did this come from.

J has also learned to give a dirty look from the best, his sister. Except his are so funny that they end up just cracking me up. They are these silly little eye rolls accompanied by a frown. When the kids give me looks lately I sit down and tell them that’s not a very good one and they’ll have to do better, then I laugh like they are joking and it usually eases the situation.

I’m just tired. I am having parental overload right now. Maybe I should attempt to go to bed earlier, getting enough sleep always seems to help and tomorrow is L’s Mother’s Tea at school, JT has graciously decided to work from home to watch J. Okay enough whining. I am off to make a grocery list and drink a coke. That should help.


One thought on “Whine, Whine, Whine

  1. Mary Jo says:

    ((((Hugs)))), Hollie!

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