New Purse

I have been in search of a new purse for at least 3 months now. I am very particular and had found one I liked but it was WAY out of my budget, so the hunt started again. I requested one for my birthday but life and finances permitted me from getting one then. So today JT e-mailed me and told me he had contacted MamaBethBling (my necklace chain broke) and if I wanted I could search Etsy and find a purse (love him). Easier said than done. When I entered “purse” into the search engine over 6000 results came up. So I played with the Advanced Search, and I could the  results down to 4000, that’s still a lot of purses to look through. Sigh. You know where I’ll be.


I have it narrowed down to three sellers:

Debos – really cute brown and blue one, another blue and brown purse, orange and black one, and finally this one

ByJudianne – this is a really cute one, but I was trying to find one in brown

PinkGasoline – very cute store, she has this one and this one

So many to choose from. I originally had 15 stores I was looking through and I had only made it through 101 pages, not the 4700 that came up in results. Whew!!! I might have to step away and revisit this later.


5 thoughts on “New Purse

  1. Erika says:

    Um, hello? What you need is a Buxton Organizer.

  2. hotomom says:

    OMG – you made me crack up. I think being a student that’s what YOU need. I’m sending you one for Christmas.

  3. wherelifebecomesart says:

    I like the ByJudianne one the best. What about contacting her to do it in brown? I do that all the time on Etsy. Second choice would be the second pink gasoline one…SO cute. No wait, actually when a purse is much smaller at the top like that and bigger at the bottom, I have trouble getting in it, so I’d have to take that one off my list. Yeah, I love the Judianne one, but I would inquire about other fabrics. JMO

  4. Deanna says:

    With your new-found sewing ability you could make your own purse using one of the fabulous tutorials available on so many blogs.

  5. […] then after seeing my friends blog about her purse search, I found myself lost in Etsy world  I had been thinking for about a week how much I […]

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