Not Me Monday


I have always seen Not Me Monday around the blogosphere but have never participated but I am feeling it today. So I am going to give it a try, my first attempt if you will. Join myself and severeal others (400+) including the creater MckMama at My Charming Kids.

* Today while working at Mom’s Day out I was not the woman in the bathroom gagging to almost throw up while changing some random kids diarrhea blow out diaper. Only to find that I did not stick my hand in the mess that was left over in said kids pants. I swear it wasn’t me.

* I did not cuss out a teacher under my breathe for being mean to a little girl in L’s classroom who had an accident and then I would never gossip and tell the other teachers. That wasn’t me.

* I would never stomp my feet and act like a child when my son called me from the bathroom saying he needed help wiping. I would never do that I am happy every single time to assist my children in the bathroom.

* Never in a million years would I beg my husband to come home from work in order to bring me some Tater Tots from Sonic, just because I saw Diaper Diaries talking about them. NEVER!!!

* I didn’t just turn on a movie and convince my son to sit in his room and play so that I can sit here sleepily on my pc. Nope, not me.

* I would never lay around two days in a row and let my house deteriorate because I am so tired from neither child sleeping through the night.

* This morning I was not in a rush to get everyone out the door and then call my dog “a fat ass” and push him out of the way. That’s totally not something I would do.

* I am definitely not sitting here thinking about eating ice cream for lunch instead of the one millionth peanut and butter and jelly sandwich of my parental lifetime. Nope, not me.

Join all of us won’t you, it’s rather theraputic.


2 thoughts on “Not Me Monday

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    LMAO!!! This is just TOOO funny! I hope you do this regularly cause it was great!

  2. Too funny! So much poop going on in your life!!

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