Photo Monday – Architecture


I love taking pictures, it’s a well known fact around here. Some of my favorite things to take pictures of… faces, nature and architecture or buildings. I am not really sure there’s much left :). This week’s topic, Architecture was fun. I think our cities architecture is my favorite, I really want to wander downtown and just take pictures. Ooooh maybe my friend and I could do that sometime. I would really like to learn to leave auto but it scares me at the same time too. So anyway this week I took this picture at the zoo. It’s the ceiling window in the Living World. I have never looked up while in there before and found it beautiful. Maybe next time you will while there.


If you would liek to participate just leave a comment saying you did so and I will link your post right here to the original.


 Where Life Becomes Art

Welcome to newbie: Irishmama

Next week’s topic is: Play

Enjoy your Monday.


2 thoughts on “Photo Monday – Architecture

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    If you ever go to photography school, you’ll take pictures of architecture, people, landscapes (my favorite), shadows, reflections, and close-ups.

    Anyhow, I got my picture/post up 🙂

  2. irishmama78 says:
    I want to participate

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