Just checking in…

* It’s gloomy and the kids are being good and quiet, they’re playing so I took a break and laid on the couch to watch a movie. Not just any movie, PS I Love You. I have seen this movie before, I own this movie and I have blogged about this movie. So you could say I am familiar with how this movie makes you feel, pretty sad and in love with love. After watching you most definitely need a reality check. Most people do not meet like they do in the movie, falling in love at first sight in the courtyside of Ireland. Yeah, of course there are a lucky few, but more realistically you become friends and fall in love at a normal speed. One more thing about the movie… my favorite quote: When Holly is walking down the street with her friends Sharon and John, she’s talking about how the night she was karaoking and fell off the stage and broke her nose, she was mad at him and never said she was sorry and always blamed him and the friends, to make her feel better, say something to the effect… that’s what marriage is about. I can’t find the quote… anywhere!!! If you have seen it then you will know which one I mean.

* After the movie was over I stood up to a plate full of oreos on the ground, I told J he couldn’t just leave a plate of food in the middle of the floor, it would draw bugs. I short with him but didn’t yell at him. He stood up to take the plate in the kitchen and I saw what he was doing, he was quietly sitting on the floor reading to his Batman from the marvel comics book I checked out at the library. It was so sweet, I just hugged him and kissed him and thanked him for being so good while I watched my movie.

* I have a book club meeting tonight where it will be just me, my one friend and my mom. It’ll be fun but I’m a little disappointed that this is the second meeting where no one has been able to show up. My other friend had a horrific accident yesterday and is lucky to be alive so tonight we’ll be thinking of her and I’m just super happy that she’s okay. I was thinking though this summer it would be kind of fun to read a book they’re making into a movie and then we all go see the movie together. That will take some research.

* Okay I’ve wasted enough time on random thoughts, I’m off to spend some time with my kiddos since I won’t be home tonight.


One thought on “Just checking in…

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    I hate that feeling when I yell at EM just to realize what was really going on, or without knowing her intentions. It started once where I was yelling (not really but you know what I mean) and asked why on earth she was doing that (whatever it was) and I was SHOCKED by her answer. Sometimes they have the sweetest intentions or reasons behind there actions. I try SO hard to always ask “why” before I reprimand, but too often I forget. Oh the struggles of being a mom huh?
    I’m glad you got in some “you” time, and I hope your bookclub goes well!

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