Fashion Challenge Friday

Such gross weather we are having today. Cold and rainy are never a great combination. This morning when we got dressed it was warm enough for capris and now I have closed all of the windows and I am searching for a pair of sweats. Brrrr!!! See what 70 degree days will do to a Midwesterner, we run for our warm clothes when it’s only 60 and rainy. Anyway, my daughter the one that prefers to run around in only underpants had to be convinced today to put on clothing a tad warmer than usual to attend preschool, when she got home she was happy to strip down to a skirt and leggings plus a new short sleeve shirt. Famous for her posing, she doesn’t disappoint this week…


Oh and just because I couldn’t resist here is a picture of J walking around the house today. It’s blurry, sorry, no natural light to be found in this house whatsoever.


Spiderman the Pirate

 Want more kids fashions, more than what I have to offer visit Do They Have Salsa in China.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Challenge Friday

  1. M3 says:

    Ok, I had to click on that picture to get a closer look. That outfit is awesome!! Love it. And the pose (as always) is adorable.

  2. Ruth says:

    Very cute and a beautiful curtsey to boot!! Love the pirate/spiderman combo as well – very creative 🙂

  3. Buckeroomama says:

    What a very cute curtsy. 🙂

    Look at Spidey’s hands –he’s even got that web thing going.


  4. Cherith says:

    LOVE her outfit choice! Super cute!

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