Just one of those days

Yesterday was not a good day. It started off great. Everyone got up and got dressed in great time, L was excited about her field trip and J was psyched to be going to school. We dropped JT off at work and headed to school, found a new way to school that saved me 5 minutes, I was strangely thrilled. Got to school, checked J in and left with the field trippers. I was going to ride with my friend BA and her son Ish but the teacher didn’t have a ride so I agreed once again to take her in my car so BA and Ish drove seperately. On the way there I realized I had coffee breath (mmmm… coffee), I pulled out a big piece of Hubba Bubba, or something like that, and was happily chewing when all of a sudden… crunch! I instantly knew it was my tooth or a filling so I took the gum out and scanned my teeth with my tongue, it was some random back tooth that just completely broke off. Delightful. Luckily there isn’t any pain involved, yet.

So we get to the zoo and there is hardly any parking so I park on art hill (if you live in the Lou you know where this is) carefully watched for signs and yellow curbs and parked in between and then walked to the zoo. Had fun in the zoo, no problems whatsoever. Walk to car with both teachers to go back to school and retrieve J. Get to my car and there is a parking ticket. WTF?!?!?! I was really pissed off. It’s only $25 but I thought I had been careful. Turns out I didn’t see the no parking sign just a few feet back from where I was parked. Apparently there is NO parking after the crosswalk. Stupid city parking, something I deal with everyday believe it or not.

So my broken tooth, ticketed ass heads back to school where I pick my up J man and head home for lunch. Once home and full I decide to tackle my pc. I have a Dell laptop with Vista (ugh) and the dang thing will not update lately. It’s almost been two weeks. So, I look up the error code and try to fix it myself, no luck. Call customer service and spend 2 hours on the phone with them, no joke. Tells me to reinstall the operating system but that doesn’t work either, corrupt or missing file. At this point I am seething. I just want my pc back, I have blogs to write people. We left to pick up JT and had dinner out because I was so crabby and didn’t feel like making anything and then took the kids to get their first snowcones (highlight of my day). They loved them but neither of them could finish their kiddie sizes. I finished my kiddie size plus part of L’s, yum, sugar!!! Want a picture break…

The kids sitting in the back of the car eating their snowcones

Came home where JT lovingly picked up where I left off with my pc. He was off and on the phone with them until 10:30 pm. The whole pc affair ended in JT cussing and screaming at some Microsoft technician in India. He was royally pissed off. So my pc is working just not updating, I am looking for a dentist to call for an appointment and JT will take care of the stupid parking ticket. Really I know I lost some of you through this post but lord what a day. I know we all have them but I hardly ever have so many bad things happen in one day. Today’s a new day and so far it’s pretty good, let’s hope it keeps up.


3 thoughts on “Just one of those days

  1. Olivia says:

    Cringing…I hate anything to do with teeth.

  2. JT says:

    Best part about the PC and the “tech” from India, he proceeds to send this e-mail after I cussed him out:

    “This is Balaji G with Microsoft Windows Technical Support.
    It was my pleasure to work with you on your Windows service request 1100743902. I hope that you were happy with the service provided to you.
    Based on our last conversation it appears that this service request is resolved and ready to be archived. If this is not correct or if you are not happy with the support we’ve provided please let us know as soon as possible. My goal is to ensure that your experience with Microsoft Windows Technical Support leaves you pleased with our products and services.”

    Um….not really mofo. The issue NEVER got resolved, you were trying to pawn it off Dell, it’s a Microsoft problem, etc. etc. What a POS. Yes, off-shoring work to foreign countries is such a darn good idea. Another prime example of excellent work!

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