Top Ten Tuesday – My Pet Peeves


Today for my top ten I have decided to do 10 of my biggest pet peeves or really I should just title it things that get under my skin. Better yet things that piss me off. Can you tell I was slightly grumpy when I made this list?! It’s very therapuetic to make this list and talk about each one to a great extent, feels like a little of the burden is lifted. All that said, here they are:

1. This is most definitely the biggest one I have… People who don’t wave thank you when I let them over. It never fails some idiot is holding up traffic in his lane with his dumb blinker on trying to get over in freakin rush hour. So I decide to be nice because we are never going to move until this joker gets his act together, do you think he waves to say thank you, NO!!! Do me a favor and appreciate that I am busy too and have taken a little of my time to be nice to you. Fool!!!

2. Slow internet. I am impatient and don’t want to sit and wait for my supposed fastest speed DSL to get the job done and don’t even get me started on Internet Explorer or Windows Vista.

3. Having to reboot… anything. Always rebooting the internet, my pc or my iPhone. Ugh, I don’t even want to know the amount of time wasted per day doing this task.

4. Being ignored. My lovely husband is the number one culprit of this pet peeve. It often happens when we are on the phone while he’s at work (just tell me you’re busy) or while watching sports. My children have been known to also ignore me and I am sure as they age into lovely teenagers it will only get worse.

5. Whiny children. I am constantly telling my kids to use their regular voices. Lord there are better ways of getting a point across. But since they are children I am sure they will outgrow this.

6. This one has always been annoying, even before I had my own children. Kids without manners. I was raised to say no ma’am and yes ma’am, along with the respectful sir sayings. I even answered my parents phone in a respectful way growing up, so now I am making sure I pass all of that on to my children. My kids have to say please and thank you as well as “may I be excused please” when wanting to leave the table. The table manners are coming, slowly. Eventually I hope they will be well mannered citizens.

7. Loud noises. My ears are so sensitive and I cannot stand loud noises (like my kids banging musical instruments like tambourines) while I am trying to concentrate but the worst is someone chewing loudly or chewing with their mouth open. I am cringing at the thought.

8. The oil change idiot light in my van. It notifies you the minute you cross over the mileage. I understand that it’s there to help you and remind you to get your oil changed but the dang thing starts to flash at you and I can never remember how to turn it off. ANNOYING!!

9. My dogs barking/whining. He barks morning, noon and night. When we get home he does this excited bark/whine that drives me almost to insanity and he won’t quit, it gets so bad that even my kids yell at him to stop. He also barks at everyone that comes over, some people will approach him and let him sniff them, he just licks their hand and starts barking again. Maybe this one should be #1. Tick tock Roscoe.

10. Just because this happened to me recently… A person who will sit next to you and laugh in your face or put you down without realizing they are being ignorant and doing so. I was recently at a meeting and was made to feel small as I did long ago before I grew up. I know it’s there problem but I have overcome obstacles in my life and with my self esteem and hate it when people want to bring you back down so you feel beneath them again. Making fun of someone never makes that other person feel good.

There you have it… I feel better and even laughed a little along the way. Wanna see more fun lists, I know I do. Check out Oh Amanda, her blog rocks.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – My Pet Peeves

  1. Whitney says:

    I can totally relate to some of those!

  2. Storm says:

    I agree with most everything. I hope you feel better now that you got this “off your chest.” Happy Tuesday,

  3. Janna says:

    Were we separated at birth? I agree with most of those (except the oil light, I’ve never seen mine on but I am anal about servicing my vehicle – 9 years and 180,000 miles!). My biggest one is people that purposely leave buggies/carts outside of the buggy corral at Target/grocery store. etc.

    In fact, I’m not sure I could narrow my pet peeves to only 10!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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