Ragu New Flavors = Delicious

I don’t know about you but after a day of running errands, chasing kids and keeping up with the house the last thing I feel like doing is making an elaborate meal. We have Ragu in our house at least once a week, not only because it’s delicious and easy but because spaghetti is the only meal I know my son will eat every time. Last night we tried one of Ragu’s new pasta sauce flavors, Ragu Old World Style Margherita. It was really good. ragu-new-flavorsNot as rich as some of their other flavors and my kids devoured it, I keep wanting to say that it had a smooth taste (can you tell I would never qualify as a food critic) and low and behold that’s what it says on the jar. The reason I think I liked it so much… it’s made with tomatoes (obviously), pizza seasonings and mozzarella cheese, none of the harsh Italian seasonings. I swear you will not regret trying this it was really that good. We had the pastsa sauce with just plain old spaghetti noodles but if you check out their website at www.ragu.comyou can find so many other recipes to try with the new Margherita flavor. For instance the Chicken Margherita sounds yummy or the Grilled Steak with Red Tomato Rice.

They have also introduced another new flavor called Ragu Old World Style Sweet Tomato Basil. I haven’t tried this flavor yet but have purchased it and will most likely be eating this within the week. I am not kidding that we eat spaghetti or one type of pasta once a week. There are also recipes for this new flavor as well, you can find them here.

Ragu has a great website with lots of recipes and I feel it’s worth a visit for us busy stay-at-home moms or the busy working woman/mom. If you are interested in receiving the opportunities to review great products like Ragu please visit www.momcentral.com.


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