Photo Monday – A Rainbow of Colors


I was going to put this up after L’s 5 year old checkup today but I’m just sitting here enjoying the rainy blah day, how appropriate is today’s topic BTW maybe these pictures will bring a little sunshine to our day. Anyway yesterday was my Bead for Life party and I really enjoyed having all the women in my life in one place. I thought it went okay, I expected more people but it’s fine. Everyone that came bought something because it’s so affordable and such cool colored jewelry. You should check it out, host your own party and invite me so I can buy more stuff 🙂 Here is my pic today…


If you are interested in playing along just leave me a comment and I will link your blog to this post.

Participants this week:

 Where Life Becomes Art

Next week’s topic will be Architecture… just a picture of your favorite building or buildings or whatever.

One thought on “Photo Monday – A Rainbow of Colors

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Hi! Got mine up! And the bead party was GREAT! Thanks for inviting me 🙂 I know I keep saying it, ut I LOVE my necklaces!

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