Making the outside nice again

Today I picked L up from school and then we went flower shopping. L was very excited to be picking out the flowers this year because she has informed me that she will be in charge of watering them this year (we’ll see). Here are our outdoor spring changes….

  • We bought some red gerbera daisies for the front yard next to some bushes and I think they look really awesome with our red front door.
  • Some flowers for a long planter I have that sits on our porch
  • A huge fern for a rather large pot that sits on a corner of the porch
  • We put out our adironack chairs and table
  • Our water fountain/feature
  • An asian lantern that sits in between our front doors

All that and our house is ready, not only for spring but it is also now presentable to my guests this weekend. My mom of course worked side by side with me to make the house beautiful. L ran upstairs and grabbed my point and shoot camera to document ME planting flowers.

Like I said these were all taken by L. I think she did a pretty good job.




Our house (picture taken by me)…


I think it looks perfect.


One thought on “Making the outside nice again

  1. Nicole says:

    Your house is DARLING! I love it! The landscaping looks great. That’s something we need to work on this summer!!

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