Excited doesn’t even explain how I feel….

I am surprised that I lasted this long (I’ve been a little tired today) but I received the second best birthday present ever on Sunday. The first for those who are curious was my daughter. My husband and mother got together and bought me a Nikon D70 from my friend at Where Life Becomes Art. So what does all that mean – I NOW HAVE A D-SLR. Something I have dreamed of owning and I am beside myself excited. I can’t wait to learn to use everything on this camera. It went everywhere with me today and I have taken a ton of pictures. My friend and I are meeting tomorrow and that’s when I will get the card reader to transfer the pictures from the camera to the pc. I cannot wait to see them up close and see how I’m doing. Plus she is going to teach me everything she knows and I can take real life photography classes. There I feel so much better I had wanted to blog about it all day and kept forgetting. Here’s a picture of me with my new camera… oh and she gave me a lense to go with it.


Sigh, I’m so lucky to have a mom, a husband and a friend that love me that much to pull off such a huge surprise. Someday you’ll have to ask me how it all went down. It’s funny, but I’m tired. I’ll save the story for another night.


2 thoughts on “Excited doesn’t even explain how I feel….

  1. Becca says:

    How exciting!!!! That is so cool that they did that!

  2. […] mom, husband and friend surprised me with a DSLR for my […]

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