Caught on Film

I finally have these pictures scanned and can show you JT being hit by a car on the 7th of April. Last Friday he went to the bank across the street from his work and requested a copy of their video on the day and time he was hit (very resourceful). The video was REALLY fast and super choppy so I screen printed the action.

Photo #1: You’ll notice that I have arrowed and circled JT so you can keep up with the action 😉 Here is JT and his work friend getting ready to cross the street. JT is looking off to the side to check for a walk sign.


Photo #2: Crossing the street, in the crosswalk, silver vehicle is present and creeping forward


Photo #3: The car is now hitting JT and not stopping, so it’s literally pushing JT as it moves forward. Notice the green light for oncoming traffic, which means JT has the walk sign and the car in questions is trying to make a left turn on a red light oh and OBVIOUSLY not paying attention. His friend is screaming at the guy to stop and the guy isn’t catching on.


Photo #4: JT has fallen to the ground and gotten up by the time the camera catches this photo and he’s rubbing his elbow and wrist because he has bruised them in the fall. This is the point where we think he lost his keys. His friend is still screaming at the guy and the guy is not registering.


Photo #5: This is what I call the WTF?!?! photo. He is standing there yelling at the guy in the car and what the camera doesn’t catch is the guy taking off and running through another red light in order to get away. He’s really lucky we can’t make out his license plate number.


There you have it, JT’s car encounter.


3 thoughts on “Caught on Film

  1. wherelifebecomesart says:

    LMAO!!! The WTF picture is priceless!
    I think it is awesome you guys got this, and you get to blog about it.

  2. ofebers says:

    SInce he’s ok, I can laugh. Its hilarious!

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