Fashion Friday with Big Mama

I love Big Mama, do you read Big Mama, if you don’t you should. Anyway every Friday she doles out fashion advice and I love clicking on all of her fun finds. I have never participated till now because I went shopping last night with my birthday money and bought some items that I am very excited about. I had $100 and one store… Old Navy. I am a firm believer that either Old Navy has it going on and everything is cute or everything for that season is a complete miss, so I always go one day before I am ready to buy and walk the floor to see what they have. Obsessive? Yes!!! I hate spending money just to spend money and I never try on clothes when I am with my kids so last night I dragged my friend with me after we had some drinks. I tried on at least 20 items and came home with 4. Here’s what I got:

First I tried on a dress because I am trying to update my wardrobe with feminine fun things, instead of mommy plain things. Love this dress, thought I wouldn’t because I really wanted the Cosmopolitan Berry color but all they had was brown. Good thing cause the brown is really pretty. The sisters like to hang out in this dress from time to time so I have to keep a close eye on them, but otherwise it’s a great dress. In fact I couldn’t wait to wear it, so I wore it out tonight for my birthday dinner with my mom and I will probably be wearing it tomorrow night to go out with friends. I have these shoes that go with it perfectly.

Second thing I purchased was this shirt but not in that color. It’s a pretty purple color. I picked purple so they would go with these awesome shoes that my mom bought me for my birthday. They actually look really cute together.

Third I purchased these shorts because they are nice and long and comfortable. Cellulite coverage is a good thing. I am going back to purchase this shirt because I really liked it and I can never stray too far away from an Old Navy t-shirt, in the store they had this shirt in green and dark blue stripe. As soon as the weekend is over I’m back there.

Last thing I purchased were these sunglasses because they were on my list Tuesday and I really needed a new pair and my friend and JT assure me that they are stylish enough and look okay on me so I bought them. $9.50 is a wonderful price so who really cares how they look on me. It was a tough decision between these and the striped t-shirt. I think I made the right decision.

There you have it, I never shop for myself so this was awesome. I should turn 33 more often. Have a good weekend.

One thought on “Fashion Friday with Big Mama

  1. Erika says:

    I like that brown dress, very cute. I spent a ridiculous amount of money at ON (and Kohls, too) when I was back in the States. My plan to ‘pick up a few basics’ morphed into a shopping spree.

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