A Little Cleaning Up

Yesterday we were home most of the day and I decided to tackle a project. A BIG project. My daughter’s room. She isn’t very good at keeping it clean so every once in a while I have to go in there and helpher. Since her birthday and adding new toys and clothes it’s been really bad, I would walk by and instantly experience claustrophobia. Here’s are the before pictures:

dscn17261  dscn1727

dscn1728  dscn1730

dscn1731  dscn1732

She really has an adorable room but it was covered by all this crap. She likes to hoard collect things from all over the house and they always end up in her room or in a bag in her room. It’s very annoying.

Here’s the after pictures, it took L and I two hours to clean this all up and there was only a little cussing involved.

dscn1733  dscn17341

dscn1735  dscn1736

dscn1738  dscn1740

The last picture was a special request, “Mom take a picture of me, so everyone knows it’s my room when you put it on your blog and I helped you clean it up.” Yes dear, here is your picture. No I can breathe again… oops I mean she can breathe again.


One thought on “A Little Cleaning Up

  1. Our daughters are similar in wanting to hoard things! She’s 10 and it gets worse as she gets older! I can’t throw anything away. She wants to take it to her room and keep it. LoL Thankfully she’s a neat freak like me so her room doesn’t get messy just…well…full!

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