A Different Kind of Party

We just got home from taking JT to work, we sit down for a little late breakfast of leftover donuts in the kitchen, I’m brewing some coffee and I turn on the TV. On??? That stupid (my opinion) talk show The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. I never watch this show, I think it’s horrible. Anyway, they have three women on talking about Chicken Pox Parties. I first heard about these through my cousin, have you heard of these parties?

I can see both sides to the debate…

L has had both of her chickenpox vaccines and a couple months ago one of her friends from preschool had been in contact with the chicken pox through a sibling so the preschool was in a tizzy, if a child spiked a fever and had a couple bumps the parents would get a little freaked and call everyone they know (not referring to myself in the slightest). When I called the nurse at her pediatrician’s office for advice she told me that since she has had her vaccinations she should be fine and not to worry she won’t get them. Turns out the vaccine isn’t 100%  effective (but really is there anything 100%) it covers 8 to 9 children out of 10, I found this info on the CDC’s website. If a vaccinated person does get the chickenpox it’s usually a mild case. Well on the TV today they were saying that these numbers are a little off and would you want your vaccinated child to get the chickenpox when they are an adult, when it’s much worse and dangerous??? By the way, J has only received one vaccination, so far and will probably get his second.

So a bunch of moms all over the country have chicken pox parties in order to spread the virus so there’s no more waiting and you’re basically done. After one of the parties your child may or may not end up with the chickenpox virus but if they do it can take 9 to 21 days for the virus to rear it’s ugly head. Once you child has the virus they are most contagious 1 to 2 days before it shows up. So you could be at preschool and your child walk up to a classmates new baby brother or sister or pass the virus through slobber on a grocery cart (which is how you get germs anyway) but with the vaccine they are trying to limit the numbers of cases. I do know that if my kids are going to get the pox I would rather them get it younger and not as an adult. I had them when I was kindergarten age I think and I remember being miserable. My mom had to put socks on our hands (my brother had them at the same time) so that we wouldn’t cause an infection from scratching. Another view on this party, some people think it’s cruel to do to your child. I don’t have an opinion on that since I have never done it and I have never known anyone that’s done this.

Here is a quote from an article I was reading at Mothering.com. This article is FOR the parties

While the CDC estimates the vaccine to be 86 percent effective in children, a 2001 CDC study showed that that effectiveness might actually be as low as 40 percent. 5 But authorities at Maryland’s Takoma Park Elementary School might quarrel even with that. There, reportedly, 12 of the 16 cases of a recent chickenpox outbreak involved children who had already been vaccinated. 6

Here is an article from Fox News. This one is AGAINST the parties.

I don’t know, I can see both sides and if I were ever faced with the decision I am not sure what I would do. This is a tough one, I was just curious if anyone out there had anything to add because I am definitely not an expert, most of this info I found on-line. So if you know someone that’s done a party or been invited to a party feel free to leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Party

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I had never, ever heard of that. Ever.
    My first reaction though is why would you want to expose your child to that.
    And seriously, I wouldn’t want to be exposing everyone else in the meantime either waiting to see if my child is even going to get it.

    But then again, I got chicken pox in eighth grade and I was extrememly sick and m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e for over two weeks! Missed tons of school and really fell behind.

  2. I have heard of these parties but I don’t understand it. If we are trying to spread it…it will spread. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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