Funny Things They Say 8 – A spoon’s use

Tonight we went to my mom’s for some Easter leftovers, yum!!! We were all sitting down around the table, J sitting down next to me with his bowl of noodles, seems like that’s really all he eats.

He picked up his fork and saw that next to it my mom had placed a spoon…

J: “Mommy what’s the spoon for?”

Me: “I’m not sure buddy”

After a pause

J: “I know mommy, it’s in case the fork gets tired.”

God that makes me grin ear to ear everytime I hear it. He was so serious and all of us just giggled and I gave him a little hug and said “yeah buddy I guess that’s what it’s for.”


This week they have been saying the funniest stuff so just a warning in case you see more of these posts this week cause I am totally with my friend. I want to get back to the day to day journaling type of post instead of a meme. It feels good to be sharing stories with ya’ll.


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