5 years old, belated

Funny I haven’t done the obligatory (or at least that’s how it feels) birthday post about my daughter. Yes, someday it would be really awesome to turn this whole blog into a book so I should document her 5th birthday (the book thing is a far away dream). There isn’t much to say about L that I don’t say every other day. She can be a stinker, she can be a sweetheart and don’t we all have our blah days. So maybe I will just document the things that she’s into because right now words aren’t expressing how much love I have for my daughter. My sweet, beautiful daughter so here it is, her list (I’ll eventually do a scrapbook of her favorite things so this will help).

  • American Girl Dolls and Books – obsessed really! She sits and looks through the books and we read a chapter of one every night and she knows all the characters names and what years they came from. Did I say obsessed?!
  • Cutting things – Any chance she gets to sit and use my scissors she’ll take it. Most times she doesn’t ask. She likes to cut paper, hair, plants, grass, just about anything.
  • She is really excited about starting kindergarten and working really hard on all of her “skills” that her teacher has informed her she must know first. Like her alphabet, numbers, zipping her coat and writing her name.
  • Taking pictures – Gee, I wonder where she gets this?! I have no idea.
  • Barbies, Barbies, Barbies and more Barbies – they have taken over our house.
  • Melissa and Doug Food Cutting sets – she received a bunch of these for her birthday and now she is all about playing kitchen
  • Writing – she sits and writes letters ALL DAY LONG. She just writes them and then ask what it spells, usually nothing. Sometimes I will write stuff for her and let her copy.
  • Littlest Pet Shop – She loves these things. In fact when she ever has money to spend she wants these little animal things. Have you see these? You can’t even tell what some of them are.
  • She still loves her duuuuhs. These are basically the regular cloth diapers, she has always carried one with her since she was a baby. A security blanket if you will, except she carries more than one at a time. She has a favorite one that has a pink L embroidered on the front.
  • Her kitties – Along with the duuuuuhs she has also always carried a kitty. Now she likes any type of kitty not just the same one. When we go to the zoo she is allowed to pick out an animal, guess what she picks… um, a kitty!

I am sure there are more that I have forgotten. She is a loving little girl and likes to cuddle but mostly cuddles with her GeGe. The other day her Daddy got a cardboard cut from her Molly box, she was so upset she was crying as she ran to the bathroom to get a Barbie bandaid and a rag for her Daddy. After it was bandaged she gave it a kiss. She is my pouter and dirty look giver but that’s okay, it makes for a good photo op.

Happy belated birthday baby girl!!! If you had told me that she would someday be five, sure I would have to believe you but who knew it would be here so quickly. This one I have to admit is a hard birthday for me to cope with, she’s no longer a baby or a toddler, she’s on her way to a big girl. Wanna see some sweet baby pictures, okay twist my arm….

Newborn – coming home from the hospital


First Birthday

Second Birthday


Third Birthday


Fourth Birthday


Fifth Birthday 



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