Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Things I want for my birthday


Here is my birthday wish list… wishing is exactly what I am doing since we have drained our bank accounts on a certain little girls birthday. It was worth it though, I don’t really need any of these things but a girl can wish/dream right?! Besides I have a very lovely weekend planned and going to be with some of my best girl friends and JT 😉

1. A day at the spa. I would love a massage and facial. Ah man the relaxation and possible nap almost bring tears to my eyes. Pampering is not something I am used to.

2. Some new clothes for the summer. I would like some nice clothes for going out or just clothes that fit.

3.  A D-SLR for all my photo taking needs, something simple to figure out.

4. New sunglasses. Clearly I am not reaching for the stars on this one. I would like a pair that look good one me and cost a little more than $20 and perhaps weren’t purchased in a gas station or drugstore.

5. A day of shopping and lunch with my friends. Oh that sounds heavenly.

6. A romantic dinner date with my husband. We aren’t really the romantic types but it would be nice to go to an expensive restaurant and just eat to our hearts content.

7. A purse like my friend Becca’s. It’s so pretty and grown-up.

8. Someone to clean and organize my house and basement. It’s kind of gotten away from me this winter, you should see L’s room and the basement or better yet I’d rather you didn’t.

9. A tattoo. I finally have figured out what I want my 7th one to be and where I want it, all that’s missing… the money, yeah they can be pretty expensive.

10. New design and url for my blog. I am a creative person and when you click on my blog it doesn’t really scream creative.

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7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Things I want for my birthday

  1. Janna says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    #4 – It is amazing the number of places I have had to buy sunglasses: airport, Disney, state fair, etc., and I still lose them all!

    #8 – If you find someone, will you send them my way, please?

  2. mandi says:

    I think you’re being pretty reasonable with all of them … here’s hoping you get at least a couple of your favs!

  3. wherelifebecomesart says:

    I swear Target has the best sunglasses. I wear my target ones far more than all my expensive ones.

  4. Storm says:

    Seems like a reasonable birthday list to me. I hope that at least some of your wishes come true. Happy TTT.

  5. hailey says:

    thats so true janna

  6. hailey says:

    this is hailey as you all now know. well on your birthday. you could have so much fun. but its your choice.

  7. hailey says:

    hay you are so right

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