An Easter Birthday

I am tired, tired, tired and I have a stiff neck today. It’s 10:00 am and I am still in my pajamas. L’s room is a mess with new toys and clothes and we have a bike in our toy room. That’s right a bike, actually two bikes. I know some of my family and friends are waiting for pictures (which aren’t very good) but I did my best.

L woke up around 7:00 am and starting pounding on my back. “Mommy, mommy the Easter Bunny came.” Me: “Hmm, that’s great honey. Let’s wait for J to wake up.” She heads right into his room and wakes him up, great!!! So we got up and did Easter baskets.


We then dressed in our Easter wear and headed to my mom’s for the festivities. We were so happy to be joined by my grandma, Na and C.

dscn1466_edited-1  dscn1467_edited-1

I love this picture of L in her Easter dress, a pair of socks that were in her Easter basket and her sandals.


Hunting for Easter eggs at GeGe’s with their special glasses.


Family picture time…


Playing with their new toys

dscn1548  dscn1556

dscn1602  dscn1606

Cake time

dscn1597  dscn16011

dscn16081  dscn1611

The big bike reveal


Finally relaxing… boy what a day!!!

dscn1617  dscn1616


One thought on “An Easter Birthday

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